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Diu - its fortress and old Portuguese Cathedral

One of the most attractive tourist destinations in India, Diu is a mesmerizing blend of sea, sand and sun. An off -shore island on the western coast, off the Gulf of Cambay, Diu is separated from the coast by a pretty narrow channel on its northern side. The ancient Portuguese Fort, magnificent churches, the lovely beaches, azure sea waters, thrilling water sports, clean environment, and a great historical background and hospitable people make Diu one of its kind destinations. Earlier, Diu was a key trading post and naval base from where various rulers exercised control over the shipping routes in the northern part of the Arabian Sea. Diu was under the subjugation of many well-known kings and dynasties earlier. Until 1961, it remained under the control of Portugal. Now a part of the Union Territory of India, the tiny island of Diu was carved out from Goa in 1987.

Diu Tourist Hotspots

Though the entire picturesque island of Diu is a marvelous tourist hotspot, these are the key ones: Diu Fort: The most famous landmark of the region, the Diu Fort is a colossal structure. Situated on the coast of the island, the impressive Diu Fort offers a magnificent view of sea and the surrounding areas. Nagoa Beach: It is an amazingly beautiful beach. Here the gentle sea waves seem to invite the visitors to have a great time full of fun and frolic. Ghoghla Beach: Believed to be among the six most beautiful beaches of Diu, the Ghoghla Beach also has fabulous facilities for many water sports such as parasailing and water scooters.

Gomtimata Beach

One of the most stunning beaches of the area, Gomtimata Beach is secluded and spread with natural white sand. It is situated at the western corner of the Diu Island.

Gangeshwar Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, there are five lingas here believed to be established by the five Pandava brothers of the Mahabharata during their period of exile.

St. Thomas Church – Museum

An archaeological treasure house, it boasts of great wooden carvings, lovely statues, idols, besides other wonderful artifacts gathered from various areas.

St. Paul's Church

The only church of the area which is still active, St. Paul's Church is decorated with remarkably treated volutes and shell - like motifs and outstanding wood carvings.
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