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Patnitop - Pond of the Princess

DISTANCE - 110 KM From Jammu

By Air : The state has three major civil airports at Srinagar, Jammu, and Ladakh connected to Delhi and other places in the country.

By Rail : Jammu Tawi is the main railhead of Jammu & Kashmir. It is connected to most of the important towns and cities of the country.

By Road : One can easily reach Jammu by the National Highway 1A that goes from Punjab and runs through this city, connecting it to the rest of the state, including the capital Srinagar.
Patinitop is a peaceful and quiet place in the Jammu region. It’s at a distance of four hours from Katra. We can also visit Sanasar which resembles Patnitop. Sanasar is on a higher location. While going towards Sanasar, Mathatop/Nathatop are the places to visit. Patnitop also offers some trekking routes. Patnitop is 112 kms away from Jammu. It’s at a height of 2024 meters across the Jammu Srinagar highway. Patnitop offers beautiful picnic spots and nice walks in the mountains. In winters the resort is covered with thick snow. It’s a major center for snow games like skiing. The major center of attraction in Patnitop is its natural charm, climate, pine forests and lush green cover. That is why its one of the best resorts of Jammu region.
Skiting : Patnitop offers a variety of slopes for skiers. Some easy runners are provided for beginners who can take a course or just hire an instructor for a short while. Skiing facilities are available throughout the year. Expert skiers can enjoy heliskiing during the winter months for which they may contact the tourism department. The snow covered slopes of Patnitop are not very steep or bumpy, so they turn out to be perfect for starters. For more experienced legs, there is Madhatop, just 5 km away from here, which is more difficult and challenging.

Paragliding : Riding the thermals and sailing the blue sky is a very thrilling experience. Paragliding facilities have become quite prominent in the town. Tourists are advised to undertake sport only through the operators who are registered with the tourism department. Also insist on the pilot showing you his registration license issued by the district administration.

Trekking : Patnitop is a good starting place for many short or longer treks into the nearby mountains. An attractive one-day walk is to Shiva Garh, about 11-km from Patnitop at an altitude of almost 3,500 metres.

Government Museum : This museum situated on the Mysore road is supposed to be very educative. It houses items belonging to tribal objects, district's ecological details and representative sculptural arts and crafts of Tamil Nadu.It talks more about the tribal people of this area, Todas.
Sudh Mahadev : Situated on the banks of river Devaka, Sudh Mahadev is associated with many Shiva myths. Pilgrims in thousands congregate at the shrine during the three days of festival of Ashadh-Purnima in July-August. There is a regular bus service to Sudh Mahadev from Jammu; however a 8km pleasant walking or jeep able road connects Sudh Mahadev with beautiful hill resort of Patnitopon Jammu to Srinagar highway. Other temples in the city include the Gauri Kund temple, Shiva temple, Peer Khoh Cave temple, Ranbireshwar temple and the Parmandal temple complex.

The Naag Temple : The Naag temple is one of the tourist spot which should be visited in Patnitop.The main feature of this temple is that it is nearly 600 years old and remains crowded through out the year especially on festivals and on special occasions. Though it is not a huge temple it reflects the faith and reverence shared by the people. It is also referred as the Cobra temple by the local people.
The ideal time to visit this hill station in Summer is between May to June and in Autumn between September to October.
In summers the temperature ranges from 23.4 to 39.9 degree C and in winters the temperature fluctuates from 20.2 to 4.5
Evens And Festivals of Patnitop are a ariticism of the various cultural and social tradition of the valley.

Lohri : Lohri is famously known as Makar sankranti all over India. Lohri festival is also celebrated as Makar Sakranti. It is celebrated on 13th January to welcome the beginning of spring. Young boys visit elders and recently married couples and ask for gifts and presents. Young boys move around in colorful succession and represent the Chhajja dance.

Baisakhi : Baisakhi festival is also Celebrated on 13th April, Baisakhi is the ingestion festival of the north India. It is also the day when Guru Gobind Singh establish the Khalsa sect. Baisakhi is mainly known as the ingestion festival and is deliberated favorable particularly for marriages. Rivers, canals and ponds are crowded by devotees who unchanging take a ritual dip every year. People go to the Nagbani Temple to observe a great new year occasion. Many fairs are organized and people come in thousands to celebrate the start of an event of the new year and watch the popular Bhangra dance of Punjab.

Jhiri Mela : Baba Jitu was a innocent, God devotion and truthful farmer who favored to kill himself moderately than present to the inequitable requirements of the local landlord to part with his crop. He murder himself in the village of Jhiri, 14 kms. distance from Jammu. A religion has grown around the Baba and his followers assemble at Jhiri on the designated day from every corner of North India; they revere him for his compassion, braveness and honesty and hold an annual fair in his name. Mansar

Milad-ud-Nabi : Milad-ud-Nabi is remarked in Srinagar in the month of April or May. The prophets birthday is celebrated with specific passion at the Hazratbal Mosque, when its blessed relic, a lock of the Prophets hair is showed to the devotees.

Purmandal Mela : This three-day fair is organized to observe occasion the marriage of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati on Shivratri.

Bahu Mela : Bahu Mela is organized many a year at the Kali temple in Bahu Fort of Jammu.

Chaitre Chaudash : Chaitre Chaudash is organized in the month of March-April at the village Uttar Behni.

Eid-ul-Zoha : Eid-ul-Zoha is organized in the month of in July. It observe occasion Prophet Abraham, who agreed to sacrifice his son to God.
The majority of dishes are non vegetarian. Some of the most delicious dishes of Wazhawan are tabakhmaz, rogan josh, rista, aabgosh, dhaniwal korma, marchingan korma and gushtaba.Dry fruits and saffron are also added to it. Most of the Kashmiri dishes involve the use of curd and asafoetida (hing). Saunf(aniseed), chillies, and dry ginger are the other important ingredients of the mouth-watering dishes of the state. Saffron is used liberally in the dishes. Dry fruits like almonds, raisins and walnuts are the important ingredients of the Kashmiri curries.


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