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Punjab - The Land of Five Waters OR India's bread-basket OR its folk music and dance

Located in the northern part of India, Punjab is the land of five rivers -- Indus, Ravi, Sutlej, Beas, and Jhelum. It is also the land of bhangra dance, folklores, colourful and vibrant festivals, lassi, ghee and tandoori cuisines and has an unspoiled landscape and healthy climate. No wonder it is leading tourist destination in India.

Punjab is also much famous as the granary of the country. Actually, courtesy its acres and acres of golden fields and rapidly developing industrial estates, the state has made an amazing progress and become one of the most prosperous and developed states of the country. The land of great cultural history, Punjab is a wonderful destination for the discerning tourists.

The land of the great saints and scholars boasts of ancient monuments of glory and sacrifice. In fact, the state has many interesting and history-rich places and palaces. Most importantly, it has the seat of spirituality for the Sikhs at Amritsar. The state is also much known for its amazing production of sports and hosiery stuffs.

Tourist Attractions

The entire Punjab is a big tourist attraction. However, for the sake of convenience, certain renowned tourist spots of the place are being mentioned. The pride of the state is the Golden Temple of Amritsar -- the most revered temple for the Sikhs. Also called Hari Mandir, it is the place where the great spiritual guru Guru Nanak lived and meditated. Golden Temple attracts the religiously inclined visitors from all over the world.

Jallianwala Bagh and Pinjore Gardens are some of the other leading tourist hotspots of the state and much thronged by the visitors. Apart from these, there are several other famed places which equally inspire the visitors to the state.

A special mention needs to be made about the monument of the Indian Independence, Jallianwalah Bagh. A harsh reminder of one of the bloodiest chapters of India's freedom movement, Jallianwalah Bagh is a live testimonial to the Jallianwalah butchery in 1919.

What to buy

Sweaters apart from woolen blankets are perhaps the best buy to take back home. They are rather cheap in Punjab -- more so in Amritsar than elsewhere in India.

How to reach

Punjab is well connected to the rest of India by rail, road and air. The relatively new but swanky Guru Ram Das Ji International Airport is directly linked to all major airports of the world.
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