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Sikkim - Paradise of Botanists

One of the most beautiful and tourist friendly states of India Sikkim is located in the north east. Nestled in lap of the mighty Himalayas this erstwhile monarchy is the second smallest state of the country. Its amazing landscapes with panoramic green fields, picture perfect meandering rivers, enchanting forests and lovely mountain peaks make it a great destination and a superb tourist hotspot.

Sikkim Tourist Hotspots

Gangtok, the main city and the capital of Sikkim, is a multi-ethnic place and a famous tourist place. It offers enchanting views of the snow-covered Himalayas. However, the USP of the place is its botanical gardens, Tibetan Buddhist culture and learning centre, and monasteries. Gangtok is also just the right spot from where one can explore the southern parts of Sikkim where a sizeable chunk of state tourist hotspots could be found.

Among other tourist hubs of Sikkim, Tsongo Lake, Nathula Pass, Kanchendzonga National Park and Pelling are the important and the most visited ones. The scenic Tsongo Lake is situated 3720m above sea level and is frozen during the winters. The wonderful Kanchendzonga National Park is home to red panda, snow leopard, wild ass and Tibetan Antelope.

Sikkim has a rich culture also and its people celebrate several interesting festivals which throw much light on the rich and varied cultural heritage of the state. Phang Lhabso and Losoong are two such remarkable festivals. While the former is celebrated in the honor of Mt. Kanchendzonga sometime in the month of August or September, the latter is celebrated sometime in the month December or January, and it signifies the conclusion of the harvest season.

Flora & Fauna

Sikkim’s elevation ranges from 224 mts to over 8590 mts above sea level, and this gives the place a great range of flora and fauna. There are as many as 4000 species of flowering plants and shrubs, hundreds kinds of butterflies, and much more importantly, several species of extinct wild animals, such as Yeti and snow leopard.

Apart from these rare wild animals, the state also boasts of several other species of wild animals, including Himalayan Black Bear, Sambar, Barking Deer, Musk Deer, Leopard Cat, Marbled Cat, Tiger, and Panda.

Close to 500 species of birds, including Pheasants, Partridges Ducks, and Lammergeyer are also found across Sikkim completing the beautiful wildlife picture of this wonderful mountainous destination.
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