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Talsari: A Charming Beach Destination

Located on the north-eastern coast of India, close to 200km from Calcutta, Talsari in Balasore, Orissa is one of the perfect weekend holiday destinations of the state. Much famous for its vast stretches of verdant paddy fields, beautiful rivers, blue hills and wide beaches, Talsari gets its name from the rows of palm trees that appear to stand in a column of this one of the much loved tourist places of Orissa.

'Tal' stands for palm trees and 'sari' stands for a row. Talsari is somewhat a lesser exploited Orissa beach and hence it has managed to maintain its virginal charm and pristine beauty. The waters of the sea at Talsari beach are not tumultuous but calm and serene. Watching sunrise and sunset from the shiny stretch of white sand at Talsari proves to be a wonderful experience.

Talsari's backwaters -- which one has to cross over to reach the sea -- are yet another attraction of the beautiful destination that much inspires the visitors. The stream seem to play sort of hide-and-seek with the tourists. When the stream is in a fiery mood, one can only reach the main beach with the help of a boat. However, at other times, one can easily walk across the dry riverbed. The enchanting tourist place is pretty breezy.

All this and more makes Talsari a nice tourist place to spend one's family vacations or at least a part of it.

Nearby Attraction

Digha: This famed tourist destination of West Bengal is situated only 10km away from Talsari.

Chandaneswar: Located 6 km towards west from Digha, the sacred temple of Lord Chandaneswar is a religious and spiritual destination for the people of not only Balasore but also of the nearby states -- especially Bihar and West Bengal. On festive occasions, including Nilaparva celebrated during the month of April, huge crowds of devotees go on a pilgrimage to this holy place.

Udaipur Beach: This lovely beach is located only 7km away from Talsari.

Bhusandeswar: Located 18 km away, Bhusandeswar boasts of probably the nation's biggest Shiva lingam.
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