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Arunachal Pradesh -- the Land of Untouched Hills!

The land of the dawn-lit mountains, untouched hills and virginal beauty, Arunachal Pradesh is a sparsely populated hilly area located in the extreme eastern part of India. It shares its borders with Bhutan, China and Burma and its population is mainly tribal. The largest North Eastern state of the country is the first state of India to greet the rising sun.

Cuddled in the shadow of the eastern tip of the mighty Himalayas, Arunachal Pradesh is also the land of steep heights, dense forests, thick bamboo forests, not to mention wide rivers and deep ravines. It offers the most breathtaking views, magnificent ancient ruins and pleasant tribal folk. Hence, is it surprising that the region is a delight of sorts for the discernible tourists. Actually, Arunachal Pradesh leaves the visitors awe struck with its amazing and unmatched beauty spread rather generously on the verdant hills.

However, the USP of the state is its amazing wildlife which is quite rich and varied and one of the best in the whole country. With as many as eight wildlife sanctuaries and two national parks, Arunachal wildlife is indeed something to look for. Elephants, tigers, leopards, sloth bear, the Himalayan black bear, the red panda, the musk deer -- these are just a few of the many attractions of the wild that freely inhabit the forests of the wildlife rich state.

The rich handicrafts of the state are another attraction. Arunachal Pradesh handicrafts beautifully compliment the ethereal splendor of the magnificent state. The most common craft of the region is weaving. Artistic carpets, shawls, gales and jackets…these are just a few of the many high-quality products from the many looms of the state.

The mystifying, powerful and striking rivers of Arunachal Pradesh are another tourist attraction. Their faces and moods seem to take a different shade altogether every now and then. They are just too good for rafting and angling purposes, while the rocky landscapes of the state is just right for the purpose of trekking. No wonder, Arunachal Pradesh occupies a rather high place in the list of attractive adventure destinations of India and is much thronged by the tourists -- particularly the adventurous ones.

There’s something for the religiously inclined tourists as well. The much renowned Tawang Monastery, the country’s largest Buddhist Monastery, is located here and is another attraction of the wonderful Indian destination called Arunachal Pradesh.
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