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Assam - Kamarupa OR Pragjyotish OR land of blue hills OR land of Srimanta Sankardeva OR land of tea production

The gateway to the northeastern part of India, Assam is dominated by the great Brahmaputra River. Earlier known as "Pragiyotisha" and "Kamarupa" this wonderful state is the pride of northeast India and one of the most visited destinations of the country. Assam has a rich history and derives its name from the mighty Ahom kingdom (1228 -1826).

Assam is known for its striking scenic beauty and its unique ecosystems, and is one of the most stunning and tourist friendly states of the country. Its wild forests, hilly reasons, lush greeneries, shrines and temples, the various wildlife reserves and national parks, the river islands, the lagoons much enchant the travelers from across the world and inspire them to visit this lovely state time and again.

The USP of the state is its wildlife and forest reserves. About 50% out of the listed endangered species of wildlife could be found in the forests of Assam, including, among others, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, tiger, and bear.

Assam also has a superb variety and color in the cultural treasures of the people inhabiting it. The state has a rich tradition and culture and celebrates several interesting festivals throughout the year that give the visitors an insight into the rich and varied cultural heritage of the state.

Assam is also much famed for its tea production, apart from for its Eri, Muga and Pat silk products. In fact, the Assam Tea is world renowned and is known for its strong and unique taste and flavor.

Assam Tourist Spots

Though the entire state is a huge tourist spot, these are some of the famous ones: Kaziranga park (a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985 and famous for one horned rhinos), Kamakhya Temple, Batadrava (Birth place of great Vaishnav Saint Sankardev), Navagraha (Temple of nine planets), Sukreswar Temple, Sib Sagar (Shiv Temple), Madan-Kamdev Temple, Umananda (Peacock Island), State Zoo, State Museum, Saraighat Bridge, Majuli (world’s largest river island) and Chandubi Lake.

Best time to visit Assam

The best time to visit Assam is between October and April as these winter months are pretty pleasant and sunny.
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