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Chail - The Mountain of The Silver Bangles OR paradise for hikers OR its architecture

DISTANCE - 46 KM From Delhi, 45 KM From Simla
By Air : Chail does not have a inbuilt airport in the city, the nearest airport are at Chandigarh and Shimla.

By Rail : The nearest Railway station is Kalka which connects the city to the national capital Delhi. From Kalka Chail is a 2-hour ride by bus or taxi. The toy train from Kalka to Kandaghat takes 5 hours and chugs through picturesque hills and tunnels.

By Road : Chail has a strong network of road that connects the city to the national capital Delhi via Chandigarh.


The city Chail once used to be the summer capital of the Patiala and is only 43-km from Shimla and is surrounded by the lush green surroundings. At 2,250m, it has the world's highest cricket pitch and a polo ground, the old palace, now a hotel and the possibility of some angling are added attractions. Chail is hiker's paradise. The area is very peaceful away from the hustle and bustle of Shimla. 3-kms from the hotel is the worlds highest Cricket ground. Close by is a National Park, which has limited number of birds and deers.

The picturesque resort located amidst aromatic forests of chir pine and gargantuan deodars. Chail is built on three hills, the palace is on Rajgarh Hill, the Residency Snow View once occupied by British resident is on Pandhewa Hill and on the third hill Sadh Tiba where Chail is situated. Overlooking Satluj Valley, Shimla and Kasauli are also visible at night from here. Chail has also the highest cricket ground in the world. Well kept and well maintained the ground is surrounded by huge trees of deodar and pine. On the other side of the town are situated the massive Himalayan ranges spectacularly gleaming in the sun and snow-covered every thing under it.


Chail Sanctuary : Chail sanctuary is located in the midst of the city and is a home to lush Deodar and Oak forests. The sanctuary was established in 1976 and houses animals like Sambar, Goral, Himalayan Black Bear, Red Deer, Barking Deer, Indian Hare, Common Langur and Leopard. One can also witness exquisite species such as Rhesus Macaque, Himalayan Yellow Throated Marten, Indian Porcupine, Common Giant and Kashmiri Flying Squirrel. You can trek from Chail to either Gaura or Jhajja to get a glimpse of a number of animals.

Chail Palace : The Chail Palace also Known as Maharaja's Palace is situated on the Rajgarh Hills. Extending over an astounding area, the palace offers breathtaking views of the sprawling surroundings. The palace was taken over by the Himachal Tourism in the year 1972 and transformed into a heritage hotel. Tourists are since then allowed to stay in the cottages or huts of the palace.

Cricket Ground : The Cricket Ground is another well-known tourist attraction in Chail as it is commended to be the highest in the world. Built in the year 1893, it is located at an altitude of 2,144 m. The ground is surrounded by beautiful and soaring deodar trees. Apart from cricket, the ground is also used for playing polo.

Sadhupul : A small but beautiful village, Sadhupul is a favourite destination for Picnic Lovers.

Adventure : Adventure sports are a good option and are very famous at Chail. Trekkers have the option of choosing between different trek routes - Kandaghat to Chail, Chail to Rajgarh and Chur-Chandni, and Chail to Shimla via Junga. For those interested in fishing and angling, Gaura river is just perfect. Its waters is full of masheer. In winters skiing at Narkanda is an additional adventure option.


Sidh Baba ka Mandir : Sidh Baba Mandir is a popular tourist spot in Chail and is very famous among the locals In the city. It is said that the place, where the mandir stands was originally chosen by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh to construct his palace. However, the maharaja had a vision or dream in which a saint appeared and told him that the place was meant for his meditation. After the vision, the king shifted his palace venue and constructed a temple here.

Kandaghat : At 20 km away from Chail you can visit Kandaghat which has the Chail View Palace, Shiva Temples, Baba Thadda Mulla and the Karol Ranges as its prime attractions. The palace today, houses the Government Polytechnic College for Women, though the personal chambers of the Maharaja are still maintained as they were in the bygone era. The Karol Ranges have a historical Krishna Temple and a cave. The cave, it is believed, was dug by the Pandavas and run deep into the ground to finally emerge at Pinjore near the historical Mughal Gardens.


Chail is beautiful in summer when the days are warm and the nights cool. The best time to come to Chail is from April to early July and again from September to November when the monsoons are done. The winters are cold.


Summer : The summer season begins from the month of April and lasts up to the month of June. The summer months here do not resemble those experienced in other parts of North India. It is one of the most pleasurable times of the year as the temperature hardly crosses 280 C.

Monsoon : The monsoon season arrives in the town of Chail in the month of June end and lasts till August. The monsoon months revitalize the natural splendor of the place. Owing to heavy forest cover, Chail experiences a good amount of rainfall during the monsoon season.

Winter : The winter months are extremely chilly, with the temperature dipping quite low. The already hushed hill station becomes even more deserted as every one retires to their houses staying close by the fire place. This makes it quite morose and is therefore not a good time for tourism.


October and November bring happy with many wonderful celebrations like Deepavali and Dusserah. February – March is a thriving entertainer with festivities of Holi celebratons.


Some of the most important dishes that are omnipresent with everyday meal are Maahni (urad dal prepared with dried mangoes) or Madra (lentils made with yoghurt) while Indra is a dish prepared of urad dal and bada and is cooked in the Shimla district. However, every area seems to have evolved its own version of these recipes. Some of the other vegetarian specialties are Pateer, Chouck, Bhagjery and Chutney of til. Another options is the snacky food like Bhatoora and Chana Madra, that too serve as an all time favorite.

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