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Kerala - Spice Garden of India

STATE - Kerala

DISTANCE - 1390Kms from Delhi, 846Kms from Bangalore


AIR : Kerala is connected to all metro Cities through air route as it has a number of airports all throughout the state in different cities.

RAIL : Kerala is also connected to different states through trains with one of India's largest and strongest railway network.

ROAD : Kerala is connected to major states of India through a variety of national highways.


Kerala is one of the beautiful states of the world, which is located in India near the Western Ghats. Popularly known for its beautiful Back waters, Kerala is also called the god's own land. Kerala is known for its natural beauty and scenic view.

Kerala is also rich for its natural resources which are very beneficial for the economy of Kerala. The culture of Kerala is very different as compared to the other states of India. There are many communities in Kerala which live in harmony like Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and other religions.

Kerala has also a great and rich history, from as early as 3000 BC Kerala has established itself for rich spice trading and culture from days when it was bee ruled by Mughals ad British.

Kerala is also famous for its Boat races and other water sports. Being a state in south India its famous for its wildlife and natural beauty.


Alappuzha: Alappuzha is tucked in between Kottayam and Pathanamthitta in the east, Ernakulum in the north and Kollam on the south, the district opens out onto the vast expanse of the Lakshadweep Sea on the west.

Cherai: The beach is located at a distance of 35 kilometers from the beautiful city of Cochin. The beach is also located at a distance of 45 kilometers from the Ernakulum city and is surrounded by the Vypeen Island.

Devikulam: Located an altitude of 1800 m above sea level, the hill resort of Devikulam is 16 km southwest of Munnar in the state of Kerala.

Idukki: The Asia's first and the world's second great arch dam is in Idukki. Idukki is one of the major tourist attraction of Kerala for it is fully loaded with nature.

Kumarakom: Kumarakom is actually a cluster of islands on the Vembanad Lake. Kumarakom is of interest to the ornithologists for this part of backwater section boasts of a bird sanctuary. This fascinating water world also exhibits a rich flora and fauna and is marked as one of the important Aqua Tourism destination.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary: The Kumarakom bird sanctuary known as the ornithologist's paradise sprawls over an area of about 101 acres along the Vembanad Lake at a distance of about 12kms from Kottayam in Kerala.

Kovalam: Kovalam beach is located at a distance of about 13 km from Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. Kovalam means a grove of coconut trees and true to its name the village offers an endless sight of coconut trees.

Munnar: Munnar is situated at an altitude of about 1520 meters above sea level and is concentrated more towards the eastern part of Kerala. It also takes the pride of housing the highest peak of Anaimudi. 

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary:  Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Kumily, in the Idukki district of Kerala.

Alleppey:  Alleppey the ayurvedic and the backwater country is popularly referred as the Venice of the East. Alleppey with its intricate structure of interconnecting passages of canals and bridges along with the silver beach, makes for a memorable holiday for anybody visiting this place.

Wayanad: Wayanad is situated in the Kerala border at a distance of 76 km. from the sea shores of Kozhikode and at an altitude of about 2100 to 7000 feet above sea level. Wayanad, the most verdant place is fully covered with green growth and is enriched with plantations, forests and wildlife.

The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is at a distance of about 18 km east of Sultan Bathery.This sanctuary extends into two regions of Kerala namely Cannanore in the north and Calicut in the South.


Kerala is a beautiful state of India and an ideal place to visit anytime of the year. In Kerala, weather and climate is pleasant throughout the year and the vast green expanse keeps the heat in control. With pleasant weather throughout the year, this beautiful place can be visited anytime without any hassles.


Kerala is bounded with natural as well as artificial man made places, which are seen in Kerala. There are manmade waterfalls, which follows the coastline from the north direction towards southern side.

The climate in Kerala is, nearly up to one hundred and twenty to one hundred and forty, rainy days in whole year. Climate in Kerala has maritime and wet tropical atmosphere.

The rainfall present in Kerala is on an average, 3107 millimeter throughout the year. There are some of areas in Kerala, which do have drier lowland territories and thus, the rain over there is, on an average 1250 millimeter


Best Dishes : Meen Moilee, Mutton Biryani, Theeyal, Duck Roast with Malabar Porotta, Chilly Fried Crabs, Lacy Idiappam, Crisp Meen Prichathu, Appam with Mena Curry, Fresh Toddy, Parpu Kari, Kuttanad Fish Curry, Chemmeen Coconut Fry, Fish Korma, Chamundi Dish.

Cuisine Exotica : Puttu, Vattayappam, Kallappam, Idiappam.

Non Veg Dishes : Fishes like Pomfret, Sardines, snapper, crustaceans, Karimeen, Egg and Poultry, Mutton, Beef and Pork.

Veg Dishes : Mix Vegetable Avial, Stew with Coconut Milk, Cheena Molagu (local Cuisine), Puzhukku- Root Vegetables.

Feasts for all Occasions : Sadyavattams, Aviyal, Olan, Kootu Curry, Puli-inji, Kaalam, Koova.

Famous Drinks : - Kattan Kapi, Black Coffee, Chooku-Kapi (Dried Ginger Brew).

Not To Be Missed : Dishes like Crisp Appam, Parakka Kerdatam, Parippu Vada with Cocunut Chutney, Vada Sambhar.

Frying Spree : Alathur Chips, Nendrankai, Chakkara Varattina Varuval(Thick Chip cut in Halves or Quarters), Jackfruit (Chakka) Chips.

Mouth Fresheners: Murukkan (Betel Leaves and Nuts), Chewing Tobacco.

Festival Dishes : Sambar/Kuzhambu Varieties, Rasam Varieties, Kootu/Curry Varieties, Payasam Varieties, Keerai Varieties, Podi Varieties, Rice Delights.

Sweet Dishes : Mango Pachadi, Kheema Pulao, Payasam, Sweet Sauce, Milk Rice, Coconut Rice, Vermicelli sweetened with Jaggery, Avalose.

Traditions of Central Kerala : Erachi Olathiyathu (Fried Mutton, beef or Pork), Meen Mullgattathu( red fish Curry), Meen Pollichathu ( Fish Roasted in plaintain leaf), Prawn Mappas, Peera Pattichattu (fish dish with grated Coconut), Ducjk Roast and Kozhi Piralen (a fried Chicken).

Grand Fiest with Sadya : Sadya is Traditional Big Feast. An improperly laid Ela (plantain Leaf) is an indicator. The leaf is laden with Lime Curry, Mango Pickle, Puli-Inji, Lime Pickle. Remaining area is studded with Thoran, Vegetable Strew or Olan, Avail ( thick Mixture of Vegetables), Pachadi (Raw Mango and Curd Mixture), Elisseri (Vegetable like Pumpkin or Green Banana). Rice served at the bottom and Rasam( Fiery Pepper Soup) is served throughout the course of the meal.

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