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Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu

Chidambaram Chidambaram is known for its famous Nataraja temple. The temple is also known by a lot of other names including ponnambalam, tillai, Chitramabalam and so on.

The temple has the image of Siva in ananda tandavam. According to the legend it is believed that Siva decided to teach the proud rishis of darukavanam a lesson and appeared in the form of a mendicant with Vishnu disguised as Mohini. The rishipatnis were attracted by this pair subsequently causing the anger of the rishis. The rishis tried several tactics to break the pair but in vain. Finally after defeating them Siva broke into a dance which is the Anandatandavam. The Ananda Tandavam was also done in a dance competition. The famous dance of Anandatandavam performed here is depicted in the famous Nataraj murti. Nataraja means king of Dance. The Lord is represented here with the left leg raised up. This figure of nataraj has a lot of connotation, with each ornament representing greater inner meanings. The roof of the temple is gold plated. The temple is a great piece of architectural and sculptural brilliance.

Chidambaram is about 132 miles from Chennai. This town falls in the railway line and is well connected with other important stations. There are good bus services as well.
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