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Golden Temple in Punjab

Golden Temple Golden Temple in Amritsar is a place frequented by Sikhs all round the year. Countless pilgrims visit Golden Temple to pay homage to the holy shrine. Golden Temple is also known as Hari Mandir meaning Temple of God. The Temple has a tank (Sarovar) that is believed to possess healing powers. Sikh Gurus founded new centers for the promotion of Sikhism and these centers became popular as Sikh pilgrimage sites.

The construction of Golden Temple at a lower level was a break away from the Hindu tradition of constructing a temple at a higher level. It was done to make the visitors go down the steps in order to pay homage to the holy shrine.

Other Hindu Temples have only one entry gate. The Golden Temple is open from all four sides symbolic of offering entry to all.

As Amritsar faced disturbances a lot of times, Golden Temple also became the target of loot and plunder thrice by the Afghan invaders. Maharaja Ranjit Singh donated Rupees Five Lakhs for placing for rebuilding Golden Temple and placing of gold plates on the outside walls. Mohammad Yar Khan Mistri was appointed as a technical expert for the task of gold plating. The architecture of Golden Temple is really remarkable achievement of Sikh architecture. The skill of the craftsmen is evident from the nakkashi (intricate carvings) and frescoes inside the temple.
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