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Kancheepuram in Tamil Nadu

Kancheepuram It is believed that Kancheepuram stands first among the seven sacred cities of India.

Kanchi was the capital of the pallavas and remnants of the pallava art and sculpture is visible in the many temples here Kanchi is considered to be one of the three most important centers of Vaishnavites, the other being Srirangam and Tirumalai, with the addition of Tirunarayanpuram in Mysore. Lot of saints have visited here and worshipped the Lord. There are several noteworthy temples here. The temples belonging to the Vishnu kanchi are as follows. The temple of Varadarajaswami is situated on the top of the elephant hill or hastagiri. Vishnu in the form of Varadaraja helped Brahma complete his yaga by protecting him from the Vegavati River. On Brahma's insistence he was manifested in the physical form here. The yathotakari temple is very famous. It is believed that the whole of Kancheepuram descended into darkness when the devoted kanikannan was banished from the court following which the saint Tirumazhisai and the Lord himself left the city. They returned however after the king apologized. The Vilakkoli Perumal Temple is a temple wherein Mahavishnu is given the name Deepa Prakasa. Here Lord Vishnu is supposed to have illuminated a dark place inorder to allow Brahma carry out his yaga. Sri Vaikuntha Perumal temple is famous for its architecture Here the Lord is in the sitting posture and the Goddess is Vaikunthavalli Tayar. Sri Ulagalandar Temple is based on the mythological story of Vishnu taking the vamana avatar and making Bali the king of the underworld. Sri Ashtabhujam temple has the image of Lord Vishnu with ten eight hands. The Chitraguptaswami temple is one of the rare temples that worship Chitragupta. The Siva Kanchi temples are also many. The most famous of the Siva temples here is the Ekambareswara temple wherein he is worshipped in the form of Prithvi linga. It is said that Parvati regained Siva under a mango tree here; the temple was called Ekamranatha and later Ekambareswara. The Kailasanatha temple and the Kanchapeswara temple are the other famous temples. The temples dedicated to other gods include Sri Kamakshiamman temple, Kumarakoshtam, Satyavrateswara and Sri Agastswarar and Sri Upanisahd Mutt.

Kancheepuram is very popular and is easily accessible by rail and road.
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