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Navgraha Temple in Pondicherry

Navgraha Temple Navgraha Temple is a beautiful temple located in the peaceful and mesmerizing Pondicherry. The temple is dedicated to the nine planets namely Surya(Sun), Chandra(Moon), Mangal(Mars), Budh(Mercury), Brihaspati(Jupiter), Shukra(Venus), Shani(Saturn), Rahu(North Lunar Node) and Ketu(South Lunar Node). The huge temple complex consists of nine shrines, which were built in an amazing Dravidian architectural style. The history of the temple dates back to the reign of the Cholas who built it. The temple is majestically decorated with captivating sculptures showcasing the rich heritage of South India.

The Navagraha Temple was built during the rein of the Cholas. This temple was a great contribution of the Cholas to the Dravidian style of architecture. The temple is a great master piece when it comes to sculptures.

According to the Hindu astrology, all these nine planets are the celestial bodies, which tremendously affect our lives. Each planet has its own charactersticks. Depending on our karmas they are placed in our birth chart and have influence on our lives. If the placement of any of these planets in our birth chart is not correct, we can clearly see its effect in various aspects of our lives. However, through performing puja, we to some extent can bring about positive changes in our lives.

Devotees from far and wide come to the Navgraha Temple to worship the nine grahas to bring happiness and prosperity in their lives.
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