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Prathyankara Temple in Pondicherry

Prathyankara Temple Prathyankara Temple is located on the Pondicherry - Chennai main road. To reach the temple you have to get down at Moratandi, just after the Thiruchitrambalam Cross Road stop.

According to the Puranas, Prathyankara Devi emerged from the third eye of Sarabeswarar, a manifestation of Lord Siva, with 1,000 faces of lions, 1,000 hands and with a blood-stained protruding tongue, a frightening form indeed. She helped reduce the ferocity of Lord Narasimha.

Prathyankara Temple is off the main road by about three kilometer, the road is dusty, riddled with potholes, and there is no sign board to indicate the direction of the temple. So please make enquiries with the local people to reach the temple. You will be able to see the idol of Prathyankara Amman, before you reach the temple.

The temple remains open from 7 a.m to 1 p.m and from 3.30 p.m to 9 p.m
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