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Shiv Mandir in Punjab

Shiv Mandir One of the most ancient temples of the region, the "Shiv Mandir, Gur- Mandi, Jalandhar" represents the deep religious fervor of Punjab. Agricultural advanced and industrially developed state of Punjab, also nurtures an intense faith in the "Supreme Being". Being one of the most secular state of our country, Punjab portrays the rich religious and cultural tradition of the by gone golden era.

Located in the heart of a busy market of the "Gur- Mandi", the temple of Lord Shiva bears relics of the brilliant architectural ability of the ancient times. Constructed by a Muslim "Nawab" of the "Lodhi dynasty", adjacent to the mosque of Imam Nasar, the age old temple is a living witness of religious tolerance which has triggered down across the centuries to the modern period.

The famous temple of Lord Shiva highlights the engineering skills of the people of the by gone days. The temple presents a perfect blend of the Hindu and Muslim architecture. While the entrance to the sacred temple was modeled after the gate of a mosque, the other buildings of the temple bears a rich style of the Hindu architecture.

The temple is visited by many devotees through out the year. However, the holy shrine assumes special importance during "Shiv Ratri" and other Hindu festivals when devotees throng the place to seek divine blessings.

The temple of Lord Shiva is an important landmark of the ancient city of Jalandhar. Amidst the problems of religious intolerance and injustice, the Shiv Mandir of the Gur Mandi stands tall with its long and enriched history of secularism.
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