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Shree Govindaji Temple in Manipur

Shree Govindaji Temple Shree Govindaji Temple, Manipur is one of the star attractions in Manipur. This popular temple is a Hindu temple, the deities worships are the Hindu gods, Radha and Krishna Govinda. The temple has suffered severe damages in the past by several earthquakes. The Shree Govindaji Temple, Manipur built by one of the rulers of Manipur was again restored by another ruler, several years later to its original form.

Shree Govindaji Temple in Manipur is a famous temple. Located in an easily accessible position in the capital of the state, Imphal, the temple is visited by large numbers of tourists every year. The shining golden building of the temple attracts tourist, other than regular devotees to pay a visit in the temple. Originally constructed in the year 1846, the temple was built in the reign of the Manipur ruler, Maharaja Nara Singh.

The state faced severe earthquake in the year 1868, causing massive devastation. Shree Govindaji Temple also suffered major damages and the temple building was damaged to a great extent. The temples idols faced damages and lost its original form and splendor. Years later, Maharaja Chandrakirti reconstructed the temple and gave its original form and structure. The lost glory of this Hindu temple was brought back and is at present is one of the visitors attraction in Imphal.

Tourists and devotees throng in large numbers to see the idols and worship in the temple. Shree Govindaji Temple, as the name suggests is dedicated to the Lord Krishna, also known as Govinda. According to Hindu mythology, 3 supreme powers controlled and ruled the earth and one of them is Lord Vishnu. Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was the one who gave the famous sermons in the famous 'Geeta'. In the temple of Shree Govindaji, visitors can see the idols of Lord Krishna and Radha, who was his consort. The temple also has idols of Lord Jagathnath, another form of Vishnu.

The tourists also admire the temple structure. Built of red bricks, the temple features a rectangular medieval style of architecture. The front entrance of the temple runs into a passage which finally leads to the hall of the main idols. The temple is about 16.95 meters in height and is 18, 63 meters in wide. Nestled in the hilly surroundings of Imphal, the temple is surely one of the best Manipur Tourist Spots.
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