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Temples In West Bengal

Buddhism, being a major faith in West Bengal. Darjeeling and the nearby town of Kalimpong have, between them, several Buddhist monasteries, chiefly of the Yellow roof, visited by thousands of tourist all the year round.
Dakshineshwar Kali Temple
The Dakshineshwar Kali Temple was built in 1855, in an area of 25 acres, at Dakshineshwar located in the outskirts of Kolkata. The place is accessible via, local trains, buses as well as the nearest Dum Dum Metro station...
Baidyanatha Temple
Baidyanatha is a temple situated on the north western side of West Bengal. It is a pilgrim spot and it is located about 200 miles from Calcutta. Baidyanatha is marked in the maps as Deogurh. The shrine of Baidyanatha is said....
Pareshnath Jain Temple
Kolkata has diverse cultural and religious history; this is evident from the temples and other monuments that adorn the city and its suburbs. The Jain Temple in Kolkata is known as the Pareshnath Jain Temple, and....
Kalighat Kali Temple
A renowned place of pilgrimage for thousand devotees, Kalighat Kali temple in Kolkata is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in India. Once upon a time river Hooghly meandered by the holy shrine. However, with time....
Belur Math
Belur Math, established by Swami Vivekananda is located on the banks of the River Ganges in Kolkata. The temple exhibits a fine style of architecture that combines the elements from a church, a mosque and a temple....
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