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Temples In Pondicherry

Pondicherry has been a settled city for hundreds of years. Though the temples of Thanjavvur and Chidambaram are better known than Pondy. But the temples here are equally beautiful. devotes visit the temples in hundreds and seek blessings while giving offerings.
Navgraha Temple
Navgraha Temple is a beautiful temple located in the peaceful and mesmerizing Pondicherry. The temple is dedicated to the nine planets namely Surya(Sun, Chandra(Moon), Mangal(Mars), Budh(Mercury)....
Prathyankara Temple
Prathyankara Temple is located on the Pondicherry - Chennai main road. To reach the temple you have to get down at Moratandi, just after the Thiruchitrambalam Cross Road stop. According to the Puranas....
Saneeswarar Temple
Saneeswarar temple is located 7 kms from Pondicherry in a place called Moratandi on the Dindivanam-Pondicherry road. On the road from Pondicherry, you have to take a mud road at the right hand side of the NH 45A....
Sri Gokilambal Thirukameswara Temple
Sri Gokilambal Thirukameswara Temple at Villiannur is an architectural gem located about 10 km from Pondicherry. It is well known for its 10-day annual Brahmotsavam festival. During this time there is a grand procession of....
Vedapureeswarar Temple
The Arulmighu Vedapureeswarar Temple lies in the town of Pondicherry, 2 km to the west of its seashore. The main deity in this temple is Lord Vedapureeswarar. The consort's name is Thirupurasundari. In olden days....
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